Matka Canyon is a very popular place for tourists who visit Macedonia and Skopje, as well as for local people who go there to inhale the fresh air and spend their weekend exploring the amazing nature that this place provides. It’s close to the center of Skopje so local buses go as a part of city. But if you want to make your journey to Matka more comfortable and exciting you should definitely rent a car in Skopje.

The Treska Canyon is vertically cut into the massive of Suva Mountain. In the surroundings of the Treska Canyon one can find dozens of caves, but the most beautiful one is Cave Vrelo.

CAVE VRELO – World deepest underwater cave

Vrelo Cave has many stalactites including a large one in the middle of the cave is known as the “Pine Cone” due to its shape. There are two lakes at the end of the cave, with one larger than the other. The smaller lake is 8 metres (26.2 feet) at its longest length and 15 metres (49.2 feet) in depth at its deepest point. The larger lake is 35 metres (114.8 feet) at its longest length, and 18 metres (59 feet) at its deepest point.Though the exact depth of the cave is unknown, some speculate that it could be the deepest underwater cave in the world.

Things to do in Matka Canyon

  • Around canyon there is narrow trail and you can walk for hours there. You can see the entire canyon from above. This path starts behind the restaurants on the beginning of canyon.
  • The Treska Canyon is also open for kayaking.You should try kayaking because as a sport it is very popular in Macedonia especially on the Canyon Matka as a whitewater kayaking. The water of the river offers exciting kayak rides.
  • Matka Canyon is also a magnet for rock climbers. A 40-minute hike leads to popular routes, many near the tiny Monastery of St. Nicholas Shishovski. If you’re not up for scaling rock walls, take a seat on the cliffhanger deck and watch. Macedonia Experience can show you around.
  • 1 hour boat tour to the Vrelo cave: For €6.50 per person, you can go through the canyon by boat and visit Vrelo cave, one of the deepest caves in the world.

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