People from all over the world come to Macedonia to explore the city of Ohrid and its gorgeous lake. No tourist returns home without feeling fascinated from the beautiful town. Ohrid is located in the southwestern part of Macedonia, a city with a huge history and with breathtaking views. A lot of tourists come here to see the numerous churches, monasteries and cultural monuments that Ohrid has to offer. But, most of the people come to enjoy the Ohrid lake and to relax on some of the numerous beaches that this lake offers for tourists. One thing is certain, if you want to explore Ohrid lake, you can’t do it by foot. You will need some kind of transportation. A bus is common in Ohrid but nothing can replace the commodity of a car. So, if you plan to visit Ohrid lake you might as well rent a car in Macedonia and have an adventure on all of the following beaches.


Rent a car in macedonia

By far the most famous beach of Ohrid lake that attracts a huge number of people during the summer. If you want to chill and party here, July and August are the best months to do it. Gradiste simply beams with a feeling of youth and lively atmosphere. Separated from the city of Ohrid, Gradiste is the ideal Party Land. The live music, DJs and bonfire parties will keep you here throughout the day, night and possibly till dawn. Also, in Gradiste, you can easily park your car without a problem and stroll to one of the beaches.

You can also visit Gradiste beach in the offseason too! Then, the place is peaceful and the serenity completely takes over. Let’s not forget that Gradiste is also close to Ohrid, so you can rent a car and reach to the beach in 20-30 minutes.


rent a car in macedonia

A small beach that is often concealed and sheltered just like a private beach. The beach is the perfect choice for those who love nature and clean water, because of the stones. You can enjoy on the shore of Labino beach in the morning or in the sunset and experience blissful solitude here.

Labino beach is near the Church Kaneo. You can get to Kaneo or Plaosnik through the Old Town with your car and then take the paved road from Plaosnik all the way down to the lake, between the pine forests. Ohrid center and the old bazaar are near too, so you can go back up to Kaneo and drive yourself to the center.


Rent a car in Macedonia

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the south-west of Ohrid Lake. It is a long beach that has white and golden sand, pure waters, and surrounding nature. It is also one of the most crowded beaches in Ohrid, with young people and families all enjoying the sun and the water, and couples sitting at the shore in the evening.

With an excellent location, Ljubanishta beach sits just beneath the beautiful Galicica mountain. Ljubanishta is 25km away from the Ohrid center and you can get there with a car rental.

When you visit these 3 beaches, you will feel enchanted and make you want to come over in Ohrid again and again. To make your transit to these places easier, make sure that you rent a car in Macedonia and explore these beautiful beaches while enjoying your stay in Ohrid.

Need to rent a car in Ohrid to visit the places above. Say no more!