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Why renting a car is a good idea

People rent cars for many reasons: business trips, family vacations, or to replace a car that’s being repaired. Whatever the circumstances, renting a car can have many advantages over driving your own.

If you live in a large metropolitan area where subways, trains, and other community transportation is common, you may have found that owning your own vehicle isn’t necessary. When vacations or other events take you beyond the reach of the city’s subway service, renting a car can be the best choice.

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If you are a history lover, you should definitely visit Bitola

Bitola is the second largest city in the Republic of Macedonia. It is situated in the south-western part of the Republic, in the Valley of Pelagonia in the foothills of Baba Mountain, 13 kilometers from Greek border. Modern-day Bitola is a veritable mix of old and new, where Ottoman constructions and ancient ruins intermingle with modern office buildings.

Exploring Bitola by foot is the easiest way to take in the city’s sights and sounds. But if you want to see the beautifulness around the city by visiting Heraclea Lyncestis and Pelister National Parkrenting a car will be the best and easiest way to do that.

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Visit Matka the most picturesque place in Skopje

Matka Canyon is a very popular place for tourists who visit Macedonia and Skopje, as well as for local people who go there to inhale the fresh air and spend their weekend exploring the amazing nature that this place provides. It’s close to the center of Skopje so local buses go as a part of city. But if you want to make your journey to Matka more comfortable and exciting you should definitely rent a car in Skopje.

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